LiDAR Human Motion project is jointly promoted by spAital Sensing and Computing Lab, Xiamen University and Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Vision and Imaging, ShanghaiTech University. Our goal is to capture, perceive and understand the human, scenes, and the interactions between humans and scenes in the complex real world, and finally create a dynamic 4D digital world!

LiDAR is appearance-unaware and privacy-preserved, can acquire accurate 3D positions, and has a longer range scanning area than the conventional Motion Capture equipment.


04 / 2022 We published two dataset, HSC4D and LiDARHuman26M.
03 / 2022 2 Papers accepted at CVPR2022

More Info Is Coming

HSC4D is a Human-centered 4D Scene Capture to accurately and efficiently create a dynamic digital world, containing large-scale indoor-outdoor scenes, diverse human motions, and rich interactions between humans and environments. Using only body …


More Info Is Coming

Existing motion capture datasets are largely short-range and cannot yet fit the need of long-range applications. We propose LiDARHuman26M, a new human motion capture dataset captured by LiDAR at a much longer range to overcome this limitation …


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