I am a Ph.D. student (since 2019) at the spAtial Sensing and Computing Lab (ASC) at Xiamen University, advised by Prof. Cheng Wang and Prof. Chenglu Wen. I obtained my B.E. in Cognitive Science from Xiamen University in 2016, and started my M.S. studies in 2017 before transitioning to the Ph.D. program. I’m starting a six-month visit at the Real Virtual Humans group at the University of Tübingen hosted by Prof. Gerard Pons-Moll.

My research interests focus on 3D Computer Vision, including LiDAR mapping, Scene-aware 4D human motion capturing and Human-scene interaction modeling. My goal is to develop robust methods to perceive and understand human behavior in complex environments.

Additionally, I am a huge fan of outdoor sports, particularly rock climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. (Outdoor CV)

I’m always looking for adventure partners to explore new trails on science and mountain. Feel free to reach out to me for discussions or collaborations.